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Tracy Braved the Shave

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It’s Friday! Which means many of us are about to finish work for the week, off to make good use of the brilliant weather that the mini heatwave in the UK is promising. Again for many, this includes a trip to the pub with friends and colleagues for a pint or two.

For Tracy, last Friday also led to the pub. But not just for a fun night out. Last Friday, Tracy ‘Braved the Shave’ in memory of her friend and KELTON colleague Ewan, who bravely fought but sadly lost a battle to cancer. Rather than opting for a run or another sporting activity, Tracy decided to let go of something much more personal – something that can make or break a woman’s confidence, as surely many fellow ladies can attest: her hair. That night Tracy shaved off all of her hair - and in reminiscence of Ewan’s fun and friendly nature (and appreciation of a well pulled pint), Tracy decided to make a whole night of it, with colleagues and friends gathering at the company’s local, McGinty’s in Union Street, Aberdeen.

While Tracy kicked off the day at 1pm to get some “Dutch Courage” for the evening, spectators and supporters began arriving from 7pm, including family, friends and colleagues of both Ewan and Tracy. A massive thanks at this point goes to Jamie, the Manager at McGinty’s, who was not only of excellent help in holding the fundraiser, but also arranged an amazing buffet for everyone. In addition, many of the local businesses Tracy had approached donated meal and other vouchers, which were auctioned off in a silent auction before the shave and made around £330. A great many raffle prizes were also donated, and Tracy was blown away by people’s generosity. Therefore a big thank you to all who came and contributed one way or another.

Finally, it was time for the main event of the night: The shave. It was a very emotional moment for everyone, and when speaking to Tracy, she said she felt excited and scared, but mostly very grateful to everyone that had come along to support her – in particular Ewan’s wife, and his mum and dad.

After the shave, Tracy felt relieved that it was done, but in fact didn’t dare to look at her reflection in the mirror until Saturday afternoon. How does she feel about the new look now? “People’s reactions were so lovely, and I think now I may keep the shaved head for a while… at least until I come back from my holiday in Greece in August.”

As of this afternoon, an absolutely incredible £5,035.00 have been donated, and Tracy has kept the page open for a little longer, so any contributions you would still like to make will be greatly appreciated and given to a very deserving cause.

“Ewan would be standing shaking his head wondering what all the fuss is about – but most of all, he would have been delighted with not only what has been raised, but with the amount of his friends that turned up to support his fundraiser.”


22 Jun, 2018
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