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Consultancy Services

Audit  ▪  Verification    Guidance

As a trusted partner for many national and international oil companies, our consultancy experts work closely with you to ensure ongoing operational compliance with industry, regulatory and contractual requirements.

Whether at a design, integration, commissioning or operational stage, our consultancy services give you the confidence you need in your system's performance.

Staying abreast of the latest industry developments, including low carbon, connected and digital technologies, our experts can also provide guidance to improve the efficiency and reduce the carbon intensity of your assets. 

Consultancy Services

Metering Systems

Giving you the assurance you need in your measurement system performance

Audits including remote system audits: navigated by your team with a live feed to KELTON's experts onshore
Management of uncertainty, including d
esktop audits, uncertainty modelling and calculations to ensure ongoing performance
Front end design, including basis of design and system specification

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Control Systems and Cyber Security

Ensuring the continued performance and safety of your most valuable assets 

Flow computer configuration, and supervisory computer and HMI design / configuration
Design, configuration and implementation of connected and remote technologies, including condition based monitoring
Cyber security reviews and upgrades, including antivirus, permission access control and firewall interface updates

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Process Systems

Expert guidance to ensure safe and effective process systems

Feasibility and FEED studies
Project engineering design and third party design reviews
HAZOP and SIL studies

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Produced Water Treatment

Ensuring your produced water treatment system meets your operational and environmental objectives

Process plant cost estimation
Preparation of technical specifications / independent design reviews and risk assessments
Detailed optimisation of system design

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Hydraulic and Electrical Control Systems

Supporting the ongoing safety and performance of your critical control systems

Hydraulic sizing calculations
Hazardous area electrical and instrumentation design
Hazardous area inspection and maintenance scheduling

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Mechanical Design

Ensuring the optimum fit, form and function for your system

Analysis and design of steel structures, including static equipment skids and offshore and FPSO topside skids using STAAD.Pro
Onshore and offshore lifting analysis, pipe stress and flexibility analysis, and wind load calculation on piping system
Quasi-static analysis of water hammer, accidental blast load analysis on piping, surge flow and slug flow analysis

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Features and Benefits

Independent: independent and without ties to an OEM, you can be assured that a KELTON solution is always the right solution for your needs
Trusted: working closely with you to ensure you meet your operational, environmental, contractual or regulatory commitments
Expertise: with an intimate knowledge in designing, developing and supporting systems through-life, the KELTON consultancy team can support you at every stage of your asset's life
Multi-scope solutions: with a multi-disciplined team of experts covering a wide range of process areas, KELTON is the go-to consultancy provider for all your needs 
Partnerships: having supported many operators throughout the life of their assets, KELTON can provide long-term partnerships to ensure ongoing performance
On-site and remote:  utilising the latest technologies, KELTON offer a safe, secure, fast, efficient, flexible and fully digital service to best meet your needs

Performance challenges

A key challenge for international and national oil companies is to ensure that their existing or proposed system is fit for purpose.

Errors in your process system can result in inefficiency, poor performance and can impact the integrity of your assets.

Assured performance

Proactively identifying current and potential issues – whether at the design, integration, commissioning or operational stage – KELTON's Audit Services give you the assurances you need in your process system's performance.

Accurate from the start

With extensive experience across multiple process areas, the KELTON consultancy team can provide a wide range of services, including engineering studies, to support you across all stages of your system's development.

From conceptual study and front-end engineering and design (FEED) through to factory acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance testing (SAT), you can be assured of system suitability prior to costly implementation.

Independent verification

As the energy industry's independent consultancy provider, KELTON can assess and verify your system's performance without bias to a single solution or OEM provider.

This proves to all stakeholders that you have selected appropriate equipment, it is operated and maintained effectviely, and it conforms to the relevant standards, guidelines and commercial agreements.

Low carbon and digital

With an increasing energy industry drive to reduce the carbon intensity of existing assets, and to transition to low carbon and digitial technologies such as LNG, hydrogen and connected assets, many operators and end-users alike are seeking new ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.

Staying abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies, and having already supported multiple efficiency and low carbon initiatives, the KELTON team are best-placed to support you with your low carbon and digital objectives. 

Remote services

Utilising the latest digital technologies, many of KELTON's most popular services are now available remotely. This means we can now offer a safe, secure, fast, efficient, flexible and fully digital service to best meet your needs.

And as with all KELTON services, our Remote Services are delivered by our leading consultancy experts.  This ensures we always deliver the highest quality service and the assurances in your system's performance that you expect from KELTON.


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