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The cost of mismeasurement

Regardless of where you are in the process – from design to manufacturing, or site acceptance testing to operation – errors in your measurement system can have contractual and regulatory implications resulting in dispute, litigation and reputational damage. It can also impact your bottom-line through incorrect hydrocarbon accounting.

It is therefore essential for flow measurement engineers and operators to have confidence in their measurement system, and be able to validate and prove its accuracy. But with multiple systems, varying parameters and process conditions, different regulatory standards and consequently thousands of calculation permutations, accurate assessment is difficult.

Expert simplicity

Drawing upon their vast experience, KELTON has developed a range of software solutions to support the design, operation and management of your flow measurement system.

Expertly designed by measurement engineers for measurement engineers, users can benefit from the most comprehensive set of calculations available. And with full traceability of all calculations to the latest industry standards, KELTON's applications support continued system performance and compliance.

Solutions include

KELTON MeterManagerTM

KELTON MeterManager

The fully integrated software suite to manage all your flow measurement activities.

Combines five fully auditable applications into a single user interface

Enables centralised control of all instrument validation activities

Dynamically updates uncertainty calculations to match process conditions to give a true, 'in operation' result

Manages proving activities and validates each prove with robust statistical techniques

Aligned to the latest industry standards

Full traceability on all calculations



The most comprehensive set of calculations available to flow measurement engineers.

Extensive library of verified calculations

Aligned to the latest industry standards

Full traceability on all calculations

Includes current and historical standards

Microsoft Excel 32-bit compatible

Compatible with KELTON MeterManager

Save, retrieve and export results



The desktop solution to remove the uncertainty from your uncertainty modelling.

Aligned to the latest industry standards

Full traceability on all calculations

95% confidence level

Enables modelling across a range of process conditions and production profiles

Modules available for different measurement solutions

Uncertainty estimate calculated for common secondary instrumentation

Backed by more than 25 years of industry experience and flow measurement consultancy expertise.


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