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KELTON® is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has developed the KELTON® MeterManager (formerly FM2P®.net) for commercial sale. This integrated software suite includes applications for Instrument Management (KIMS®.net), Turbine Meter Monitoring & Control (K-TRAC®.net), Electronic Logbooks (K-LOG®.net), Real Time Signal Viewing (K-VIEW®.net) and Traceable Calculations (FLOCALC®.net).

KELTON® have developed the software application to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the dispensation process required by the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA).  This application is 'cloud based' enabling access via any PC running a web browser with internet access and an account  ID and password.  The application is in use across the Forties and CATS pipeline systems servicing some 47 production sites.



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