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Which versions of Microsoft Excel are supported?

FLOXL®.net is compatible with Excel 2010 and 2013 32-bit edition; this can however be installed on either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8.1.  Most KELTON® clients choose 32-bit Office due to the reasons outlined in this article.  KELTON® have started working on a version which is compatible with 64 bit office and shall release this when there is sufficient demand.

Why do I need to renew my licence each year?

KELTON® normally issue FLOCALC®.net licence files with an expiry date of one year.  Prior to the licence expiring a replacement licence will be issued free of charge for the next year. If you have a support contract you can download the latest version of FLOCALC®.net and the new licence file will unlock all the latest calculations that have been included. If you do not have a support contract you can still download the latest version of the software but the list of calculations will be limited to those which were included at the time of your purchase. By reissuing licences on an annual basis KELTON® are able to assist clients when machines fail or users of the licence change.

How is the conversion between absolute and gauge pressure handled?

KELTON® software adopts the convention of adding 1 standard atmosphere (1.01325 bar) to convert values from gauge pressure to absolute pressure. Although this convention is widely used in the industry it is worth being aware that inaccuracy will be introduced particularly at low pressure.

Why are some of my calculations showing as locked?

KELTON® are continually developing new calculations. The calculations which are unlocked will be limited to those which were included at the time you purchased your FLOCALC®.net licence. If you have an active support contract you can unlock all calculations free of charge by contacting and requesting an updated licence file.

What are legacy calculations?

Legacy calculations are those which were available in previous versions of FLOCALC® and have been updated or replaced by newer versions. They have been included in FLOCALC®.net to allow opening of calculation files which were created in previous versions. Unless you are opening an old calculation it is best to avoid the legacy calculations altogether.

Can I share or distribute spreadsheets which contain FLOXL® functions?

Yes – the spreadsheet will function like any other Excel spreadsheet and the formulae will recalculate if the user has FLOCALC®.net installed and licenced. To enable distribution of spreadsheets in this way multi-user licences are available.

KELTON® MeterManager

Which versions of SQL Server are supported?

KELTON® MeterManager uses an SQL database which can be installed on SQL Server 2008 or higher. If you do not have an SQL Server or are using a stand-alone installation, SQL Express can be downloaded free of charge from Microsoft.  A database is not required for FLOCALC®.net.

Should I use the scheduler in KIMS® if I use SAP or MAXIMO to schedule maintenance activities?

Yes - The main advantage of using the KIMS®.net scheduler is you will be gathering information on tests that are missed as well as those completed. Scheduling tests in KIMS®.net will also help plan your workflow as tests can be run from the planner.  As the scheduler in KIMS®.net can be set to reference the work order number in your plant maintenance system KELTON® recommend scheduling tests in KIMS®.net even when using another application such as SAP or Maximo.