K-TRAC®.net monitors the performance of all pulse generating flow meters, including turbine meters and positive displacement meters when calibrated on line using a meter proving system.

The KELTON® turbine meter analysis and control manages meter proving activities and is a powerful tool utilising robust statistical techniques to validate each proof.  As the validation criteria may differ between metering stations, K-TRAC®.net can be configured to match the chosen method including control charts, performance curves and deviation from previous proofs.  When used with K‑LINK®.net the application can run automatically.


  • Predictive techniques with total reliability
  • Choice of validation options including control charts and performance curves
  • Configured to match requirements
  • Automatic proving
  • Analysis database
  • Calculate sensitivity to changing process conditions
  • Seamless integration with KELTON® MeterManager


  • Control and analysis made easy
  • Ensures compliance
  • Records a fully auditable history
  • Gives confidence in meter factor and measurement
  • Reduces proving validation time
  • Performance monitoring you can trust
  • Developed and supported by KELTON®


For more information download the K-TRAC®.net datasheet.




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