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Delivering measurement excellence

Since 1991, KELTON has provided consultancy services to some of the biggest names in the oil and gas industry – including both international and national oil companies – to ensure their full flow measurement compliance with industry regulations.

Having completed over 2,500 audits and trained more than 5,000 flow measurement professionals, KELTON has earned a worldwide reputation for the provision of outstanding flow measurement consultancy, independent audit and training services.

Accuracy is paramount

Flow measurement systems are the cash register of the oil and gas industry. Their accuracy is paramount. 

But with multiple systems, designs and configurations used to measure oil and gas – each with varying impacts on measurement uncertainty – and different parameters and process conditions, ensuring accuracy is difficult.

Benefit from the KELTON experience

Fully accredited, KELTON is the leading independent flow measurement consultancy and software developer for the oil and gas industry.

Whether clients require inspection, auditing or certification as part of System Compliance; uncertainty calculations for System Assurance; or general System Support – in KELTON they find a partner they can trust.

System Compliance

Leading audit services delivering assured performance and certified compliance


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System Assurance

Ensuring accuracy with proven calculation models to assess and validate system uncertainty

 Design uncertainty
 System uncertainty

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System Support

Delivering peace of mind through best practice operator training and long-term support partnerships

 Support partnerships

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