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In order to achieve the optimum from the KELTON® MeterManager, it is important that the user has a sufficient level of training. KELTON® can provide dedicated user training for their complete range of software products, so that customers can maximise the benefits of their investment. The course includes hands-on training with the user systems and relevant data.

Training should provide delegates with a full understanding of the background, uses and value of the KELTON® MeterManager and its applications and the ability to:

  • Understand the system structure and navigation
  • Create, edit and delete configurations
  • Configure systems and carry out basic fault finding
  • Set up and use online procedures
  • Navigate menus and analysis windows
  • Set up, print and understand graphs
  • Transfer and archive data from KELTON® MeterManager
  • Generate reports and logs
  • Set up and use the analysis tools


For more information download the Software Training datasheet.



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