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In order to achieve the optimum from the KELTON MeterManagerTM, it is important that the user has a sufficient level of training. KELTONTM can provide dedicated user training for their complete range of software products, so that customers can maximise the benefits of their investment. The course includes hands-on training with the user systems and relevant data.

Training should provide delegates with a full understanding of the background, uses and value of the KELTON MeterManager and its applications and the ability to:

  • Understand the system structure and navigation
  • Create, edit and delete configurations
  • Configure systems and carry out basic fault finding
  • Set up and use online procedures
  • Navigate menus and analysis windows
  • Set up, print and understand graphs
  • Transfer and archive data from KELTON MeterManager
  • Generate reports and logs
  • Set up and use the analysis tools



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