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System Compliance

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Performance challenges

A key challenge for international and national oil companies and metering system integrators is to ensure that their existing or proposed metering system is fit for purpose.

Errors in your measurement system can have contractual and regulatory implications resulting in dispute, litigation and reputational damage. It can also impact your bottom line through incorrect hydrocarbon accounting.

Assured performance

Proactively identifying current and potential issues – whether at the design, integration, commissioning or operational stage – KELTON's Audit Services give you the assurances you need in your flow measurement system; ensuring flow measurement accuracy and ongoing compliance.

Accurate from the start

KELTON can provide a range of project support, including engineering studies, across all stages of a flow measurement system's development.

From conceptual study and front-end engineering and design (FEED) through to factory acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance testing (SAT), you can be assured of system suitability prior to costly implementation.

Certified compliance

As a UKAS accredited inspection body, KELTON will fully assess your measurement system – regardless of the stage in development – and can issue a measurement compliance certificate in line with ISO/IEC 17020 upon successful audit completion.

This proves to all stakeholders that you have selected appropriate equipment, it is operated and maintained sufficiently to provide the best uncertainty of hydrocarbon measurement, and it conforms to the relevant standards, guidelines and commercial agreements.

Remote services

Utilising the latest digital technologies, many of KELTON's most popular services are now available remotely. This means we can now offer a safe, secure, fast, efficient, flexible and fully digital service to best meet your needs.

And as with all KELTON services, our Remote Services are delivered by our leading flow measurement consultants.  This ensures we always deliver the high quality service, system assurance and the confidence in your measurement system that you expect from KELTON.

Supporting System Compliance



The most comprehensive set of calculations available to flow measurement engineers.

Designed by measurement engineers for measurement engineers, FLOCALC helps you to break through the complexity of flow measurement calculations.

Containing an extensive calculation library, FLOCALC supports all your calculation needs - offering a complete calculation suite within an intuitive user interface.

This includes calculations to:
▪ Assess the value and quantity of hydrocarbons
▪ Validate flow computer calculations
▪ Calculate mismeasurements
▪ Support system design
▪ Convert quantities between different process conditions
▪ Determine the energy value required for fiscal transactions

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Find out more

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