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For many years KELTON have provided uncertainty models for any measurement, allocation or pipeline system.  

Define Exposure and Reduce Risk

Uncertainty in measurement is undoubtedly a major factor in the decision making process for investment in measurement / allocation systems.

The KELTON system uncertainty service removes the gamble by providing uncertainty models for any measurement, allocation or transportation system. The models, utilising the KELTON desktop application, allow the user to run their own commercially sensitive scenarios and provides the definitive management tool for investment decisions with the question ‘how much should I spend and what is my commercial exposure?’ being answered.

Proving a systems’ uncertainty is now a regulatory requirement in fiscal, allocation and environmental measurement and KELTON provide technical support.

The Cost Benefits

  • Identify risks and prevent bias errors before they happen
  • Reduce incidents of costly mis-measurements
  • Reduce capital expenditure by determining the optimum measurement system based on financial exposure and risk
  • Informed decision making at the project stage – select the equipment that is ‘fit for purpose’

System Uncertainty

Users The following companies are among the many users of the UNCERTAINTYPLUS models: BP Exploration Operating Company Limited, Shell (UK) Limited, Maersk Oil Qatar A/S, RasGas Company Limited and many others. 


KELTON have the experience having produced a number of uncertainty models for:

  • All types of measurement systems
  • Allocation systems both simple and complex
  • Shared pipeline systems

KELTON are and continue to be at the ‘front end’ of uncertainty being involved in the development of national and international uncertainty standards and guidelines.


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