KELTONTM have over 20 years’ experience in evaluating uncertainty in measurement systems. Implementing an system will ensure the uncertainty calculated is dynamically updated to match your process conditions and composition. is delivered as a KELTON MeterManagerTM application which allows process data to be read via OPC, results to be stored securely in a database and visibility across an organisation.  Uncertainty calculations can either be run at a user defined frequency or triggered based on an event or parameter value changing.


  • Fully traceable uncertainty calculations
  • Uncertainty recalculated as process conditions change
  • Uncertainty written back to Flow or Supervisory computer system
  • Uncertainty visible across entire organisation
  • Full report available for every saved result
  • Uncertainty based alarms
  • User configurable


  • Compliance is demonstrated
  • Meaningful comparisons between measurements can be made
  • Calibration intervals can be optimised and uncertainty based
  • Designed and developed by KELTON measurement consultants
  • Supported by KELTON IT professionals




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