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Manages proving activities and validate each prove with robust statistical techniques

Meter Performance Monitoring at a glance


+ Predictive techniques with total reliability
+ Choice of validation options including control charts and performance curves
+ Configured to match requirements
+ Automatic proving
+ Analysis database
+ Calculate sensitivity to changing process conditions
Seamless integration with KELTON MeterManager


+ Control and analysis made easy
+ Ensures compliance
+ Records a fully auditable history
+ Reduces proving validation time
+ Performance monitoring you can trust

The KELTONTM Meter Performance Monitoring application tracks the performance of all pulse generating flow meters, including turbine meters and positive displacement meters when calibrated online using a meter proving system, and contains a powerful tool utilising robust statistical techniques to validate each prove.

As the validation criteria may differ between metering stations, the application can be configured to match the chosen method including control charts, performance curves and deviation from previous proofs. When using the integrated communication system linking all KELTON MeterManager modules, the application can run automatically.


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Meter Performance Monitoring Datasheet


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