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The KELTON Fiscal Metering Management Package is all about making our customers’ lives easier when it comes to fiscal measurement. Comprised of five distinct flow measurement applications and easily integrated with other KELTON software such as, has seen continuous evolution over the last few years.

To celebrate its success, and to reflect the ease with which it streamlines fiscal measurement, the software is getting a brand-new name: KELTON MeterManagerTM.

As a fully integrated software suite, KELTON MeterManager offers a single solution to companies who have a need to manage flow measurement systems. Developed and supported by metering experts, the system helps to significantly reduce exposure to mismeasurement, saving both time and money. Through standardization and fully auditable, it further enables operators to demonstrate compliance with any agreements and regulations they are subjected to.

KELTON MeterManager will continue to provide all the applications tried and tested by, namely:

  •                                 Instrument management and online validation
  •                              Semi-automatic event logging
  •                              Document management
  •        Dynamic uncertainty
  •                            Meter proving (for liquid systems)

Despite the change in name, existing systems will of course continue to be fully operational. Clients who currently have the system or some of its individual applications installed will have the opportunity to discuss update options at the next licence renewal date.

If you are in need to better manage your flow measurement and would like to receive more information on the KELTON MeterManager and its applications, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the KELTON Sales Team at


KELTON MeterManager – Be certain about your uncertainty.


25 Oct, 2017
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