A successful audit (and a good match)

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A successful audit (and a good match)

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KELTON recently audited a nationally important network of gas metering systems in Pakistan.

KELTON Measurement Consultant, Ian Reid, travelled to Pakistan for the audit and to support our client in minimising their unaccounted-for gas.

The systems included the point of delivery, sales metering system, town border stations and customer metering stations, and are spread around Karachi and the Hyderabad area.

The meters were a mixed variety including orifice plates, turbine meters, rotary meters and diaphragm meters with some meters being proved using transfer provers.

As well as working closely with the customer to successfully complete the audit, Ian spent his downtime getting to know his new measurement colleagues.   

“Everyone I met was very friendly and eager to learn and develop their metering systems,” said Ian.

“A personal highlight: I was invited to a company picnic where I took part in an impromptu cricket match with some of the employees. They are all avid cricket fans. Thankfully, I used to play at under 18’s level so I think everyone was surprised at my off drive and left arm round!”

“I was also presented with a traditional Pakistan Sindh region shawl after having lunch at a local’s house - which was quite humbling.”

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26 Nov, 2020
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