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Pipeline Applications

Pipeline Applications at a glance


 Addresses the whole life cycle of dispensation, deviation and mismeasurement management; raising initial request, internal review, approval, formal submission, dispensation revision, dispensation re-submission

 Cloud based

 Current and historical information always available

 Easy to use

 Uniform reporting


 Saves time, money and effort
 Secure information available 24/7
 Management control
 Managed and controlled from one place
 Easy to track and efficiently manage
 Helps companies meet compliance and pipeline management obligations

Dispensation Requests

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) ensures operators maximise the economic recovery from UK hydrocarbon reserves for the United Kingdom, raising the amount of formal communication required. This has become apparent particularly with the management of dispensation requests.

Any deviation in measurement approach from the one formally agreed with the regulator requires the OGA to be notified, most commonly through submission of a dispensation request document. Manually progressing the document through the company-internal approval cycle, as well as preparing regular progress updates on dispensation resoltuion are time-consuming and thus expensive processes to maintain, but is also open to error, misinformation and the risk of being overlooked, resulting in punitive action from the OGA.

Effective and Efficient

KELTONTM has developed a software application to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole dispensation, deviation and mis-measurement management process. This application is cloud based, enabling access via any PC with internet access and an account ID and password. 

The application is in use across the Forties pipeline system, servicing multiple production sites. Experience has shown that the anticipated improvements in dispensation management efficiency have exceeded KELTON expectations, delivering significant operational cost savings and reduced exposure to the threat of non-compliance.