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This document details the range of engineering studies provided by KELTON recognising the importance of ensuring that the proposed metering system is fit for purpose.  The scope of service encompasses the following:

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

KELTON can undertake studies to establish broad outline system specifications, nominal system sizing calculations, design measurement uncertainties and budget cost estimates.

FEED studies naturally lead to preparation of the measurement and/or allocation requirements of engineering Statements of Requirements (SOR’s).  A KELTON proposal defines the purpose, application, scope of work and detailed activities of a FEED study.

Specification or BOD

The specification or Basis of Design (BOD) Study is well within the capability of KELTON and anticipate preparing a BOD in collaboration with the customer engineering staff or representatives.  All KELTON proposals define the purpose, application, definitions and detailed activities of a BOD.

Detailed Engineering Design

Individual measurement consultants or engineers are available to project teams to provide measurement expertise as input to detailed engineering design. In this environment, KELTON anticipate working to the customers or design contractor engineering procedures.

Understanding Customer Requirements

As a result of the wealth of experience in operational engineering and maintenance environments, KELTON are able to fully understand our customers’ requirements. The experience is used to perform engineering studies from the customers’ point of view, with the customers’ interest in mind.  If required, KELTON can perform all the necessary interfaces with the regulatory bodies and third parties.


The KELTON experience is in the specialised field of oil and gas measurement, covering design, project engineering, commissioning, documentation operations and training providing a high quality technical product.

Many KELTON measurement consultants and engineers have excellent reputations within the industry giving our engineering study work a high degree of credibility. Thus customers can be confident that the end product will entirely satisfy their requirements.  All KELTON personnel possess report writing skills which is a further attribute of engineering studies service.


During the interim discussions with the customer, the required deliverables will be agreed as part of the study objectives as will a realistic timeline.


Generally, the main engineering study will be a report and can be in a format desired by the customer or from a KELTON formatted procedure and this is likely to be one of the following: 

  • Conceptual Study Report
  • FEED Study Report
  • Basis of Design
  • System Specification
  • Detailed Engineering Design

Quality Control

KELTON operate an Integrated Management System (IMS) that conforms to BS EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001. The scope of the system is holistic and addresses all the services offered and part of the KELTON quality policy is to ‘produce a service which is consistently fit for purpose and on time’ and as such:

  • Deliverables are subject to a document action control procedure
  • Inspection of deliverables is controlled by an inspection and testing procedure (ITP)
  • Controlled documents are subject to periodic review and amendment.

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