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FLOCALC is the KELTON calculation package containing the most comprehensive set of calculations available to flow measurement engineers. 

The application is based on a true understanding of the complexities of flow measurement and its central importance to operators and design engineers by providing fast, accurate and reliable results.

FLOCALC calculations are constructed using a common interface which allows the selection of calculation options, engineering units and resolution to obtain digit agreement to give confidence in the calculation being validated.

Calculations can be combined into workbooks to share inputs or feed results from one calculation (or a number of calculations) into another. When integrated with KELTON MeterManager, values can be automatically read from and written to computer systems using OPC (open platform communications). 

Calculations can be saved, and results presented as reports which can be printed or saved as PDF files for distribution.

Integration with Microsoft Excel

Live FLOCALC calculations can be included in a Microsoft Excel workbook.  Calculation inputs and outputs are linked to cell references and can be performed using any common metric or imperial engineering unit.

When used with Microsoft Excel, drag and drop functions can be used in the same way as standard Microsoft Excel to perform repeat calculations. Furthermore, the application will recognise absolute and relative cell references as well as named cells to integrate seamlessly with the functionality of Microsoft Excel, enabling trending and charting of results as well as more advanced data functions such as Goal Seek.

This makes it ideal for constructing workbooks using multiple calculations with common inputs.  A complete flow computer calculation can be reproduced on a single Microsoft Excel worksheet (the following image using ISO 5167 with density calculated using AGA 8, calorific value and standard density calculated using ISO 6976).


FLOCALC from KELTON is available on an annual licenced basis.

As the oil and gas industry, technology and regulations evolve, so does our leading software applications. We continue to refine our software to ensure it is aligned to the latest industry standards, and to enhance the user experience.

The annual licence means you always have the latest software application and therefore the best value for your investment. Furthermore, every FLOCALC licence provides access to our back-office experts and support functions.

Contact your local KELTON office or in-country partner for a quotation – Contact Us.

Existing Customers

If you are an existing FLOCALC customer and would like to provide feedback on the software, please email or contact your local KELTON office or in-country partner directly – Contact Us


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