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A major international operating company (IOC) producing in the Middle East and operating a number of offshore fields engaged with KELTON a number of years ago.

The IOC and KELTON have a long partnership that started in 2006, which then led to the establishment of an agency agreement with Petroleum Technology Company WLL (Petrotec), an indigenous Qatari company. This was the start of KELTON in Qatar.

Action(s) Taken

The IOC requested KELTON to assist with the post installation, commission and debugging of the metering installation on one of the islands in the Gulf near Qatar.

KELTON provided operation and calibration training as well as ongoing technical support.

The IOC awarded KELTON a five-year technical support contract.

KELTON provided ad-hoc metering consultancy for additional metering issues such as water injection and allocation metering.

KELTON carried out a measurement FEED study for the IOC’s FSO Offloading.

The IOC awarded KELTON another five-year technical support contract.


The IOC and KELTON have a win-win partnership that benefits both companies and this is set to prosper for many years to come.


"……..the support from the KELTON team in Qatar over the last five years was very much appreciated. The team has helped me and our metering team in many ways and the advice received has been invaluable at times." - Instrument Reliability Engineer


IOC Challenges KELTON Solution IOC Benefits
Independent review of measurement systems Provide quarterly internal review visits Acceptable by all stakeholders
International recognition that the metering system is compliant The issue of a UKAS certificate on an annual basis after successful audit  Demonstration to stakeholders that equipment is operated and maintained to the highest standard 
Periodic technical support required in an ad-hoc basis 365-day technical support by telephone and email Minimal downtime 
Periodic need for offshore support Offshore mobilisation of local based personnel as required  Savings in time and costs 
Periodic need for consultancy in new projects Specialist engineering team available One stop shop for all measurement issues 
The management of measurement Installed and supported fully integrated flow measurement management software (KELTON MeterManager Single solution for the management of measurement while reducing the cost of mismeasurement 
Annual technical support during meter prover calibration  Technical expert present during prover calibration by third party Prover calibration completed in minimal time saving costs
Optimised metering system performance Assisted with the implementation of controls and procedures Ensured best accuracy possible



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