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Enables centralised control of all instrument validation activities

Instrument Management at a glance


 Vast library of traceable calculations
 Instrument management
 User configurable
 Generic test forms configured to match your procedures and equipment
 Secure history
 Fully scalable
▪ Integrates with other KELTON MeterManager applications
▪ Integrates with flow computer systems as standard


 Streamlines and provides visibility of calibration activities
 Improves accuracy
 Improves efficiency
 Reduces exposure to costly mismeasurement
 Demonstrates compliance with agreements and regulations

As with all regulated processes, the standardisation, organisation, protection and storage of your data is essential to prove compliance in the event of an audit or contractual dispute. The KELTONTM Instrument Management application manages and records all activities relating to the validation of a metering system, from flow computation and integration checks to the calibration of primary and secondary instrumentation. This flexible application can be configured to match calculation options, calibration procedures, resolution and tolerances.


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