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Measurement systems go far beyond the hardware and software components installed. There are numerous activities required to be undertaken by Operators to ensure the continued validity of their measurement systems.  Many of these activities rely on an appropriate structure, processes, procedures and personnel competencies being in place.  Furthermore, it is essential that all stakeholder’s requirements are addressed with effective ‘Management of Measurement’. 


The primary objective is to provide customers with an effective value added service to manage all of their measurement requirements.


  • Measurement systems are operating as accurately as possible
  • Minimises the risk of losses
  • Reduction in effort
  • Increased reputation, promoting a ‘we know what we are doing’ culture for all stakeholders
  • Reporting is accurate and meets all requirements
  • Production data is validated and accurate
  • Minimises mis-measurements
  • Manages overall Uncertainty in Measurement
  • Traceability is maintained
  • Ensures compliance with regulations and agreements

The Scope of Service - depends on Entry Level

  • New operator with no facilities
  • New operator with new facilities
  • Existing operator with new facilities
  • Existing operator with existing facilities

Services provided by KELTON

  • Undertake a gap analysis to determine “what is in place versus what is needed”
  • Review agreements, regulations, procedures and other appropriate documentation to establish the compliance requirements
  • Review reporting requirements
  • Establish and set-up the necessary processes and procedures
  • Support for IT systems to automate the processes
  • Training

The Basis for Service

  • ISO 10012:2003 – Measurement Management Systems – Requirements for Measurement Processes and Measuring Equipment
  • Energy Institute HM54 – Guidelines for the Management of Measurement for the UK Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

Issues for Consideration

The following is an outline of the issues to be considered for the effective ‘Management of Measurement’:

  • Is the management team supportive, understand the value and are committed to effective measurement?
  • Is there an adequate operating and support structure in place?
  • Is the personnel trained and competent?
  • Are operating procedures and processes in place and adequately defined?
  • Is there an effective system alarm response process in place?
Calibration and Validation
  • Are all relevant parties’ calibration and validation requirements considered?
  • Are the calibration procedures adequate?
  • Are the calibration software packages in place and effective?
Sampling and Analysis
  • Sampling and analysis – what is needed, who needs it and who action?
  • Are sample take–off points adequate for effective sampling?
  • Is a laboratory set up for sample analysis?
  • Are procedures in place for gas sampling?
  • Is there a production reporting system for regulators set up?
  • Who needs what, when and how in terms of third parties?
  • Are the legal environment requirements in the procedures and processes as well as the monitoring and reporting plan in place and the uncertainties?
  • Have all the measurement issues for integrated pollution prevention control (IPPC) been addressed?
  • What is needed, by whom and is there a regulation body requirement?
  • Is an effective log keeping system in place?
Data Management, Validation and Security
  • Is measurement data to the required resolution to meet all requirements?
  • Is there a data validation process?
  • Is all data held securely and backed up and easily retrieved?
Software Control
  • Is there a software control process in place?
  • Who maintains operating system software e.g. flow computers?
  • Are all software packages/programmes used in measurement controlled?
  • Are mis-measurements clearly defined?
  • Are procedures in place to identify a mis-measurement?
  • In terms of mis-measurement reporting, who needs what, when and how?
  • Is the purpose of dispensations defined?
  • What constitutes a dispensation and who gives them?
  • Is there a reporting process in place?
Compliance and Auditing
  • What needs to be audited, by who and when and are they competent?
  • Are measurement audits needed and who does them and how often?
  • Are environmental audits carried out and who does these and how often?
  • Is there a suitable process to effectively audit allocation systems?
  • Adequate process in place to agree, track, close out & report audit findings?
  • What needs to be certified, by whom and how often?
  • Are sufficient spares being held, controlled and maintained to ensure availability of the system(s)?


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