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Our customers represent some of the largest oil and gas producing companies operating on the UKCS.


A robust maintenance and calibration strategy is fundamental to the operation of any measurement system, without regular comparison to national standards, either directly or via an unbroken chain of transfer standards, it may be difficult or impossible to demonstrate the continued satisfactory operation of a measurement system.

The interval between the calibrations of measurement instrumentation is typically set on an arbitrary time-elapsed basis. Subject to the demonstration of a satisfactory level of stability, these frequencies can be relaxed.

Action(s) Taken

Uncertainty calculations were developed for the export measurement systems on the customers United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS) assets. This included reviewing instrument calibration history from the customers metering management system, primary element inspection reports, audit reports and first-hand experience from providing consultancy support.

KELTON were then able to assess the impact of extending the calibration intervals beyond the typical monthly and quarterly frequencies that are customary in the UKCS.

The revised maintenance strategies were presented to the relevant authority for approval and the customers maintenance management system was updated to incorporate the new frequencies.


KELTON were able to present to the customer a revised maintenance and calibration strategy, based on real data which reduce operational costs and effort.


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