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KELTON recognise that some customers need support during measurement and allocation projects and can provide specialist input from the conceptual design stage through to commissioning and handover. The scope of service can encompass the following:

Conceptual Study

KELTON can undertake to complete a conceptual study to define the measurement requirements in a project. This study would ensure that what is being proposed is practical, operable, cost effective and in compliance with statutory requirement.

FEED Study

Normally this phase of the project requires outline specification, nominal system sizing and budget costs. KELTON can produce all of these.

Preparation of System Specification

One of the most important documents which define measurement and allocation requirements is the system specification. KELTON believe, and this has been borne out on many projects, that the effort expended at this stage pays dividends later. KELTON would provide a detailed ‘Project Requirement Specification’ against which vendors would bid. Following bid clarification and vendor selection, the specification would be updated to reflect what was being purchased. Thereafter, updates would be issued to control any changes during the design and fabrication/manufacturing phase, i.e. the specification becomes a ‘controlled document’. Alternatively, KELTON can review existing specifications for compliance.

Bid Stage Analysis

KELTON can carry out the technical bid analysis to ensure the following:

  • The requirements of the specification have been fully met
  • Any technical qualifications do not impact on requirements
  • To recommend the optimum technical solution

Vendor or Technical Interface

KELTON can undertake to:

  • Provide the front line technical interface with the system vendor on all matters arising throughout the various stages of system design and manufacture
  • Attend project meetings
  • Review all drawings and documentations and act as the technical approval authority
  • KELTON can act as the interface on all technical matters with statutory authorities, pipeline operators and other third parties.

Factory and Site Acceptance Testing

KELTON can attend all equipment and system tests to ensure that the system complies with the project requirement specification.

Installation Work Package

KELTON can supervise the preparation of the necessary drawings, specifications to ensure proper installation of the metering system.

Construction Phase

KELTON can undertake to prepare and issue tender documentation for the site construction activities, carry out detailed bid analysis, assist with placing contract and supervise all construction activities.

Pre-commissioning & Commissioning

KELTON can assume responsibility for all pre-commissioning and commissioning activities through to final acceptance by the operator.


KELTON can prepare the following documents:

  • Pre-commissioning procedures
  • Commissioning procedures
  • Operating procedures
  • Calibration procedures
  • Flow computer configuration manual
  • Calibration tolerance manual
  • System certification dossier
  • Handover manual


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