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A state-owned National Operating Company (NOC) established in 1974 in one of the Middle East oil rich states, responsible for all phases of the oil and gas industry, engaged with KELTON to produce measurement guidelines.

The NOC’s strategy of conducting hydrocarbon exploration and new projects is through Exploration and Production Sharing Agreements (EPSA) and Development and Production Sharing Agreements (DPSA) concluded with major oil and gas companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Total, Occidental, Maersk and others investing in the country.

Action(s) Taken

The NOC publish a tender looking for a consultancy firm to prepare hydrocarbon measurement guidelines.

KELTON receive a letter of award from the NOC to begin the preparation of guidelines.

Contract variation is issued to KELTON to include Multiphase Metering and Sulphur as this was not in the original scope.

Final issue of the guidelines and contract close.


The NOC and KELTON worked together to prepare the guidelines with considerable feedback and comments from the NOC and joint venture operating companies to be incorporated into the document. The guidelines were issued and are now the benchmark for flow measurement. It is likely that in the near future a revision of the guidelines will be carried out and this will be based on feedback from all stakeholders.


"After competitive tendering, we were delighted to leverage the KELTON experience to prepare a set of measurement guidelines to ensure our world-class practice in measurement compliance and integrity." - Head of Products Measurement


NOC Challenges KELTON Solution Project Deliverables

A contractor was required to develop and provide detailed measurement guidelines covering the following:

  • Design specification for royalty, fiscal and allocation metering systems
  • Processes and procedures for verification, calibration, accuracy, certification and recertification of the measurement systems including all types of meters
  • Processes and procedures to secure measurement data and equipment 
  • Calculation standards for conversion of measurement to quantities
  • Risk management guidelines

Arrange a workshop to explain to the NOC staff the measurement practices and procedures developed

After the award of the contract KELTON dedicated two technical writers and an experienced measurement consultant to the project.

The structure of the guidelines had to follow a strict format consisting of:

  • General, gas, liquid and marine measurement
  • Terms and definitions and appendices
  • Reference standards

The contractor criteria were as follows:

  • ISO 9001 and/or UKAS accreditation
  • A collaborative approach from a multi-disciplinary and experienced team
  • Effective communications with all end-users
  • Utilise best practice

The highest quality with complete independence and full traceability

The following were the project deliverables:

  • A final version of the guidelines
  • The cross-referenced International Standards used in the development of the guidelines
  • The calculations used in the guidelines weekly progress reports
  • A training plan for the roll out of the guidelines
  • A practical workshop in relation to the guidelines

The KELTON measurement consultant was based in-country, in the NOC offices for ease of communication and visits to the operational sites.

The NOC policies and procedures were followed at all times when attending installations.



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