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Our customer is the operator of the largest oil field in the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS), whom KELTON has had a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with for a number of years.


The customer was using a reporting system, which due to changes in their IT environment was becoming increasingly difficult to support and modify as the development of the field evolved.

Action(s) Taken

KELTON was engaged to champion the migration of the existing reporting system to the production reporting application EnergySys.

This involved understanding the source of the measurement data that fed into the reporting system, the details of all the required data points and detailing all the calculations being carried out in the reporting systems.

With this information documented, EnergySys were approached to replicate the existing reporting system. This was first deployed to a test server to confirm the allocation system had been correctly reproduced, before it was published to the live system.

KELTON maintained an allocation Functional Design Specification (FDS): a live document that was updated as new fields were brought into the allocation system.


The customer now has a fully functioning and documented production reporting system which is easily modified as the field is further developed.


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