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KELTON is the leading independent measurement consultancy and software developer for the oil and gas industry. 

To benefit from KELTON's expertise, our customers have traditionally utilised our in-person services, including: on-site audits, in-person supervision of FATs and SATs, and classroom based training delivered by our experienced consultants.  

But, there is another way. 

Remote Services

Utilising the latest digital technologies, many of KELTON's most popular services are now available remotely.

This means we can now offer a safe, secure, fast, efficient, flexible and fully digital service to best meet your needs.

And as with all KELTON services, our Remote Services are delivered by our leading flow measurement consultants.  This ensures we always deliver the high quality service, system assurance and the confidence in your measurement system that you expect from KELTON. 

Remote Services Range

Remote Audit Services

Giving you the assurance you need in your measurement system performance

Features and Benefits:
Remote system audits: navigated by your team with a live feed to KELTON's experts onshore
Desktop audits and uncertainty calculations to ensure ongoing performance
More flexible, faster and cost-effective compared with traditional 'site' services

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Remote Supervision Services

Ensuring accuracy from conceptual design through to system implementation

Features and benefits:
Wide range of project support, including engineering studies
Remote FAT supervision at the system integrator / OEM's facilities prior to dispatch
Remote SAT supervision so you can be assured of system suitability prior to costly implementation

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Remote Training Services

Our most popular flow measurement training courses, delivered online

Features and benefits:
Bite-sized modules giving you flexibility in content and timings
Delivered by KELTON's experts so you can gain insight into their experiences
Available across all our courses so you can benefit from the KELTON experience wherever you are

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KELTON MeterManager

The fully integrated sofware suite to manage all your flow measurement activities

Features and benefits:
Accessed remotely via your network or the cloud
A single solution combining five fully auditable applications into one user interface
Ensuring ongoing system performance while demonstrating regulatory and contractual compliance

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Fast and flexible: conducted remotely without the need to travel onsite / offshore
Safe and reliable:  using proven technology and the latest cyber security to protect your assets and your personnel
Easy to use: intuitive hardware / software provided by KELTON along with full user guides and support
Enhanced operator safety: no risks associated with additional and unfamiliar personnel onsite
Reduced costs:  onshore consultancy rates regardless of audit site location
Improved efficiency:  easily accessible resources and back-office support where required
KELTON's quality and expertise:  in-person or remote, all services are delivered by our leading flow measurement consultants

KELTON's software solutions include:



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