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KELTON can provide dedicated user training for the complete range of KELTON software products, so that customers can maximise the benefits of their investment. The course includes hands-on training with the user systems and relevant data.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will acquire a comprehesive understanding of the software and its applications, and upon completion of the course will be able to:

  • Log in
  • Understand how the system is structured
  • Move around the system
  • Create, edit and delete configurations
  • Set up new, and edit user names
  • Carry out basic configuration fault finding
  • Configure systems
  • Set up and use online procedures
  • Navigate menus and analysis windows
  • Set up, print and understand graphs
  • Transfer data
  • Archive data
  • Generate reports and logs
  • Set up and use the analysis tools

Delegate Requirements

A level of computer literacy is required prior to the training course, with the user having a basic knowledge of the following:

  • Standard PC and laptop computer keyboards
  • Simple Windows commands


This is dependent on the applications being run and delegates to be trained but can be anything from one day to one week. KELTON will advise on an individual basis on what will be the most cost effective duration.

Price for Training

The pricing will be a function of the duration and can be part of the initial proposal or as a separate entity and will be advised on a caseby-case basis.


The course can be conducted at one of the KELTON facilities or more commonly at the customer site.