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Delivering peace of mind through best practice operator training and long-term support partnerships

System Support

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Delivering peace of mind

KELTON has a wealth of operational experience gained in the fields of engineering, third-party audit, supervision, project management, field operations, training, measurement reporting and system design, and the design of fiscal, custody transfer and allocation systems.

Combined with an intimate knowledge of operational best practice and avoiding/resolving common pitfalls across hydrocarbon liquid, gas and LNG applications, KELTON is your trusted partner for ongoing system support services.

Assured long-term performance, complete system support:

  • Audit of metering facilities and procedures
  • Tracking and analysis of equipment performance including trend analysis
  • Full compliance and traceability to the latest industry and regulatory standards
  • Production of measurement guidelines and mis-measurement reporting
  • Production of metering system log books
  • Metering system design reviews for new or existing facilities
  • FAT supervision at system integrator / OEM and SAT supervision
  • Supervision of testing at meter calibration facilities and audit of fluid analysis laboratories
  • Production of procedures, including: pre-commissioning and commissioning, start-up and shutdown, operation and calibration, and any others that are required to ensure total system control
  • Production of manuals, including: flow computer configuration, calibration tolerance, system certification and handover manuals


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