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Demonstrating the uncertainty of a measurement system is a contractual and regulatory requirement. Not maintaining an uncertainty budget can result in exposure to conditions such as measurement error bias, and without a prior and agreed knowledge of the estimated uncertainty, a meaningful comparison between target and actual performance cannot be achieved – resulting in dispute.

Measurement uncertainty should therefore be considered throughout the entire life of a flow measurement system – from system design and engineering prior to installation, and whilst in operation.

However, there are multiple systems, designs and configurations which can be used to measure oil and gas; each with varying impacts on measurement uncertainty.

The uncertainty in your flow measurement will depend on the meter selected, the standards used for the calculations, the manufacturer, model and range for each item of primary and secondary instrumentation, and factors such as whether density is measured using a densitometer or calculated from the composition – all adding to the complexity of measurement uncertainty.

UNCERTAINTYPLUS removes the uncertainty from your uncertainty assessment by enabling designers, flow measurement engineers and operators to determine the estimated uncertainty of a flow measurement system for a given set of operating conditions. Furthermore, it will validate and prove the actual uncertainty performance aligned to the required standards.


  • Aligned to the latest industry standards
  • Full traceability on all calculations
  • 95% confidence level
  • Enables modelling across a range of process conditions and production profiles
  • Modules available for different measurement solutions
  • Uncertainty estimate calculated for common secondary instrumentation


  • Demonstrate compliance
  • Help to estimate commercial exposure / risk
  • Identify and prevent costly errors
  • Optimise current system measurement uncertainty
  • Calibration intervals can be optimised and uncertainty based
  • Meaningful comparisons between measurements can be made


UNCERTAINTYPLUS from KELTON is available on an annual licenced basis. As the oil and gas industry, technology and regulations evolve, so does our leading software applications. We continue to refine our software to ensure it is aligned to the latest industry standards, and to enhance the user experience. The annual licence means you always have the latest software application and therefore the best value for your investment. Furthermore, every UNCERTAINTYPLUS licence provides access to our back-office experts and support functions. Contact your local KELTON office or in-country partner for a quotation – Contact Us.

Existing Customers

If you are an existing UNCERTAINTYPLUS customer and would like to provide feedback on the software, please email or contact your local KELTON office or in-country partner directly – Contact Us.


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