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For well over two decades, KELTON has helped many international and national operators to ensure their full compliance with industry regulations through the provision of both expert consultancy services and industry-leading software solutions.

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What our users are saying:

and on behalf of the team I write to let you know that we arrived in Nigeria safe and are back to work again. Once again, thank you for the knowledge imparted to support the metering and measurement function in Shell Nigeria. Shell Petroleum Development Company of NigeriaI absolutely love your product and have no questions whatsoever. It can calculate whatever I need without hassle. Please give my regards to your development team. A happy user, warmest regards. Krohne Australia Pty LtdI engaged the services of KELTON to provide a high-level overview of industry best practices with respect to royalty and fiscal metering regimes. The report was required to be prepared under a very tight time deadline, request by my senior management team. KELTON were able to meet this time deadline as well as providing a very thorough and critical report, which addressed all the questions raised by the senior management team. The thorough and timely feedback provided by KELTON was invaluable to meeting our deadline. Saudi AramcoI write to thank you for your professional support as both AKFEL and our customer were very satisfied with experience of the KELTON Consultant. We completed the first stage of the third party inspection of the our metering system with the Consultant who defined some key points and offered invaluable advice. After implementation of the advice we will request KELTON's presence for the final stage testing and UKAS certification. AKFEL GroupIt was a good experience dealing with Kelton once again; with your recommendation and support we streamlined our licencing making sure we had a more efficient means to renew each year. Many thanks. EmersonThe FLOCALC package has allowed us to replace in-house developed spreadsheets and macro's with FLOCALC's certified calculation modules, improving both the security and traceability of data generated in the course of validation. QGC Pty LimitedOn behalf of Daleel Petroleum, I would like to thank you very much for your great support and the excellent work you gave us during the audit days, which was a key factor for the project successes. Daleel Petroleum