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Records the history of all events relating to your measurement system

Integrated Electronic Logbook at a glance


 Available across your organisation
 User configurable templates
 Automatic logging of calibration activities in the Instrument Management application
 Automatic logging of meter proving activities
 Integrates with flow computer systems
 Automatic logging of operations
▪ Automatic email notification


 Improves quality and accessibility of data
 Fully auditable
 Saves time and money
 Reduces duplication of data entry
 Accurate and dependable

Using the Integrated Electronic Logbook, the full history of all events related to a measurement system is automatically recorded and stored for complete transparency. Events can be logged manually or automatically by taking data from KELTON MeterManagerTM applications such as Instrument Management or Meter Performance Monitoring, providing visibility of metering operations across your organisation.

With an integrated communication system linking all applications across KELTON MeterManager, events such as streams going online can be recorded automatically by monitoring OPC tags and values can be read from the metering computer system. The KELTON Integrated Electronic Logbook can be filtered, sorted, searched and accessed across a network.


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Integrated Electronic Logbook Datasheet


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