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Ensuring accuracy with proven calculation models to assess and validate system uncertainty

System Assurance

Design uncertainty  ▪  Modelling    System uncertainty

The impact of uncertainty

Understanding and controlling your uncertainty is fundamental to any flow measurement operation. Even the smallest change in measurement uncertainty can have a considerable impact on your operational and financial performance.

An unmanaged change in your uncertainty could result in; a ‘barrels per day’ or process efficiency mismeasurement impacting your bottom line; a mismeasurement resulting in litigation costs from a contractual dispute or a regulatory fine; or reputational damage impacting future partnerships.

Measurement uncertainty should therefore be considered throughout the entire life of a flow measurement system – from system design and engineering to installation, and whilst in operation

However, there are multiple systems, designs and configurations which can be used to measure oil and gas; each with varying impacts on measurement uncertainty.

The uncertainty experts

With extensive experience in flow measurement uncertainty – including involvement in the development of national and international uncertainty standards and guidelines – KELTON's System Assurance services give you certainty in your uncertainty assessment.

Managed uncertainty

Providing uncertainty models for flow measurement, allocation and transportation systems, KELTON will assess your system's uncertainty to ensure it meets the required standards. This includes: ensuring accuracy within flow computers, control systems, allocation systems and other business reporting systems; verifying flow data integrity from meter to reporting; and assessing the uncertainty levels in the reported totals used for contractual and regulatory purposes.

If there is a discrepancy between the stated and actual uncertainty, KELTON can advise on the right solution to meet your operational and commercial objectives whilst remaining compliant with all relevant contracts and regulations.

Furthermore, KELTON's consultancy experts will model the impact of changing equipment conditions, process conditions and other parameters on system uncertainty to support effective decision-making.

Uncertainty verified

As a UKAS accredited flow measurement inspection body, KELTON can independently verify that your data integrity and uncertainty levels are appropriately maintained. This proves to stakeholders that all reported totals are accurate and within the stipulated limits, and demonstrates adherence to commercial and regulatory requirements.

Remote services

Utilising the latest digital technologies, many of KELTON's most popular services are now available remotely - including desktop uncertainty calculations. This means we can now offer a safe, secure, fast, efficient, flexible and fully digital service to best meet your needs.

And as with all KELTON services, our Remote Services are delivered by our leading flow measurement consultants. This ensures we always deliver the high quality service, system assurance and the confidence in your measurement system that you expect from KELTON.

Supporting Uncertainty Modelling



The desktop solution to remove the uncertainty from your uncertainty modelling.

UNCERTAINTYPLUS removes the uncertainty from your uncertainty assessment by enabling designers, flow measurement engineers and operators to determine the estimated uncertainty of a flow measurement system for a given set of operating conditions.

Furthermore, it will validate and prove the actual uncertainty performance aligned to the required standards.

Features at a glance:
▪ Aligned to the latest industry standards

▪ Full traceability on all calculations
▪ 95% confidence level
▪ Enables modelling across a range of process conditions and production profiles
▪ Modules available for different measurement solutions
▪ Uncertainty estimate calculated for common secondary instrumentation

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