Flow measurement software.

Best-in-class software solutions to support the design, operation and management of your flow measurement system.

Expert simplicity.

Kelton is the global leader for the provision of flow measurement software solutions, supporting industry majors, system integrators, regulators and national transmission systems, worldwide.

What makes Kelton’s software solutions so popular?  Its expert simplicity.  

Every Kelton solution has been designed by measurement engineers for measurement engineers – delivering complete certainty, confidence and control for its users – and backed by extensive measurement consultancy and software development experience.

And with full traceability of all calculations to the latest industry standards, Kelton’s applications continue to set the benchmark for flow measurement software excellence.

Be certain about your uncertainty.

The single solution to centrally manage all your flow measurement activities – across all your measurement sites.

The calculations you need, when you need them.

Designed by measurement engineers for measurement engineers, FloCalc helps you to break through the complexity of flow measurement calculations.

Containing the most comprehensive set of calculations available to flow measurement engineers, FloCalc supports all your calculation needs with flexible options to best suit requirements.

Remove the uncertainty from your uncertainty modelling.

UncertaintyPlus removes the uncertainty from your uncertainty assessment by enabling designers, flow measurement engineers and operators to determine the estimated uncertainty of a flow measurement system for a given set of operating conditions.

Furthermore, it will validate and prove the actual uncertainty performance aligned to the required standards.

Enhance your efficiency and performance with Kelton flow measurement software.

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